Germany DAX 30 Stock trading strategy - Monday, May 3, 2021

Germany Stock Market Trend Forecast (Reference only)

DAX30 : BUY-Hold, Target 16,241 (EUREX: FDAX / FDXM Futures)
ALV : BUY-Hold, Target 255 (Allianz, FWB: ALV)

CON : BUY-CloseN, Target 205 (Continental, FWB: CON)
DAI : BUY-Hold, Target 121 (Daimler, FWB: DAI)

DPW : BUY-Hold, Target 57 (Deutsche Post, FWB: DPW)
DWNI : BUY-Hold, Target 85 (Deutsche Wohnen, FWB: DWNI)

EOAN : Watch, Target (E.ON, FWB: EOAN)
FRE : BUY, Entry 40.93, Target 46 (Fresenius, FWB: FRE)

HEN3 : BUY-Hold, Target 120 (Henkel, FWB: HEN3)
LIN : BUY-Hold, Target 335 (Linde, FWB: LIN)

MTX : BUY, Entry 210, Target 260 (MTU Aero Engines, FWB: MTX)

Note: Trading strategies are based on forecasts for the future, so they may be right or wrong. I hope you make a better strategy of your own by referring to the above and get a lot of profit from good trading.

Germany DAX 30 Stock trading strategy